Studio Rental

Located in Chicago's Near West Side, this private 2,300 sq ft studio is ready for your next production. Featuring ample shooting space, and a restaurant kitchen. this studio is perfect for on-figure, tabletop, sets or castings.

Rental Rates

A 50% deposit is required to guarantee the studio for the dates reserved.

Studio Rental Rates

Daily 8AM - 6PM, Mon - Fri                                          $650 / day

Half Day Rental - Maxiumum 5 hours Mon - Fri            $400 / day

Weekday Overtime  (OT Starts at 6:00pm)                    $100 / hr

Pre- Lighting

If available, you may use the studio for pre-lighting and prep at no charge after 3PM the day prior to your shoot. You may guarantee this time by renting it at the Half Day rate from 1PM to 6PM.

Weekend and special pricing rentals rates are available upon request.


Insurance Requirements
We require a certificate of insurance from all clients listing Camera Department, Inc. as certificate holder and loss payee in respect to all claims arising out of operations of the named insured and their clients. The insurance certificate must include as follows:
Commercial General Liability
• Minimum $1,000,000.00 each occurrence
• Minimum $1,000,000.00 general aggregate

Please list Camera Department, Inc. as follows:
Certificate Holder: Camera Department, Inc.
2010 W Fulton St Ste F280a
Chicago IL 60612 



Studio Amenities


  • HVAC
  • Private bathroom
  • WIFI
  • Loading dock
  • Freight elevator
  • Foba and Cambo Camera Stands
  • Metric Coffee shop across the street
  • Select props and tabletops surfaces available for rental